Exciting times! 

You’re off to a great start!

You’re in the early phases of building your platform and business, but your talent and life experience will take you far as a coach!

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You love helping others succeed, so at this hourly rate, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily attract new clients
  • Earn their trust, and…
  • Build long term relationships

These early clients will eventually turn into your best referral sources and help you continue to grow your business!

 As your network and platform grows you’ll be able to raise those prices in no time, creating the financial freedom and work-life flexibility you deserve!


Hey! I'm Alli!

When I first started my business, I had $42 in start-up capital, a computer with missing keys and no idea what I was doing... 

With no money, no connections, no investors, I plunged into online business with nothing but fierce faith and a desire to give my family the financial security we needed.

Since then, I’ve authored five best-selling books, co-founded the single largest international women’s small business conference, and coached thousands of men and women in business. 

From Fortune 500 companies, to small businesses, to tech companies, to favorite household brands, I know what it takes to build (and grow!) a successful business, and I hate seeing women learn the hard way.

Through The Coach School, I want to give you the practical tips and advice I never got when I was first starting out, and I hope by attending, you find the inspiration and resources you need to turn your passion into a career!

Cheering you on, 


The Coach School® 2023